Mornings with Brian Haldane: Peter Stormare 10-15-21

Swedish actor Peter Stormare joins the show for a prerecorded interview. Stormare has a new movie coming out today “The Grand Duke of Corsica”  and he’s here to talk about his film career and that movie. Stormare reflects on the difference of movies between America and other countries. Stormare shares the childlike feelings he has when working on projects he is passionate about.

About the film:

“A cantankerous and brilliant architect, Alfred Rott (Timothy Spall) embarks upon a highly unusual commission for an eccentric billionaire in Malta who calls himself the ‘Grand Duke of Corsica’ (Peter Stormare). A deadly malaria epidemic sweeps the island causing panic, but Alfred remains to finish the job.”


“The Grand Duke of Corsica” premiers in theatres October 15.