The Brand with Carey Guglielmo and Guests Darren James and Matt Moscona

This week, for his 119th episode, Carey was joined by Agent 225 himself, Darren James, and the host of After Further review, Matt Moscona. The guys talked a bit about the current real estate market, but the conversation quickly shifted to branding one’s self and how to market and protect that brand.

Darren shared his story of how he got into the real estate world, and the values and principles he puts at the forefront of his everyday life and in his business.

Matt talked candidly about the state of the LSU Football program, and where he thinks it’s headed.

The guys also talked about the world of name, image, and likeness, especially when it comes to how a brand should or should not align themselves with different college athletes.

The show was recorded on location at Phil’s Oyster Bar the day before LSU’s first home game of the 2021 season, and you can hear the pre-game-day excitement start to roll in in the background.