Mornings with Brian Haldane: Scott Conant 9-15-21

Scott Conant from the Food Network joins the show today to talk about “Chopped” and his new book “Peace, Love and Pasta” available now. Conant reflects on the evolution of the popular show “Chopped” that debuted around thirteen years ago. Conant shares that his new book is full of recipes he makes at home for his family.



Peace, Love, and Pasta: Simple and Elegant Recipes from a Chef’s Home Kitchen, Scott’s most personal and accessible cookbook to date, delves into the evolution of how his cooking has changed throughout his career, and how he has established the strongest connection he’s ever had to his food as a result of his deep relationship with his family. Previously living a life continuously on the road, like so many of us, during the pandemic Scott embraced the unprecedented opportunity to be at home and cook with (and for) his family every day. This change actually affected the direction of Peace, Love, and Pasta which is now a celebration of the art of cooking for love. The book showcases the foods Scott grew up with and those he makes for his loved ones today, offering restaurant-quality meals that emphasize the beauty of simple, fresh and flavorful Italian dishes. It also includes authentic Turkish recipes as an homage to his wife, Mel’s, heritage and the meals that are a staple in their home. Recipes from Peace, Love, and Pasta include:

*A guide to handmade pastas such as Scott’s famed signature Pasta Pomodoro made with fresh basil and tomatoes, butter, and olive oil

* Simple staples, from Scott’s Broccoli Rabe Pesto to his Roasted Garlic, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and EVOO Spread

* Must-try seafood dishes such as Hamachi Crudo with Ginger Oil and Finger Limes and a delicious, brothy flavor bomb called Branzino Alla’acqua Pazza that combines branzino with lobster, spices, herbs and heat

* Perfectly cooked meats such as the Prime Rib with Parmigiano-Reggiano Popovers and Dijon and Demi-Glace Glazed Leg of Lamb with Lemon-Herb Crust

* Dishes for the whole family inspired by Scott’s daughters, ranging from Ayla’s Truffle Tajarin and Karya’s Ricotta Raviolini with Melted Baby Tomato Sauce

* A detour to Turkish home cooking inspired by Scott’s wife, Mel, and her family’s recipes including Börek, two ways, Cevizli Kömeç (Walnut Bread), Manti, et al

Peace, Love, and Pasta also includes recipes for breakfast, soups, sides, salads, antipasti, and sweets