Rock it Right 9-26-20


PartnersOne is a community of businesses that buy and sell without spending cash by using a private currency called Moxey. Also known as a barter exchange, PartnersOne is on target to facilitate 10M in sales for 700 local business owners in Baton Rouge.

Are you a local business owner that has excess inventory, unbooked appointment slots, extra time not being used, etc? We would LOVE to talk with you about how we can turn that excess capacity that is not being used or sold and show you how to #saveyourcash, get new customers and retain their business.

Our business is your business. Learn to leverage what you have and get what you need with PartnersOne. We are awesome, but don’t take our word for it! Ask any one of our 700 business owners what they think about how PartnersOne has helped their business – then call us to see how it can work for you! Contact them at, 225-291-5052


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