Breaking Point w/Brian Haldane: Levar Robinson


Levar Robinson is the Founder and President of Fathers On A Mission (FOAM). He joins Brian today to continue his discussion on race relations in our community and we can all learn and grow just by simply listening to one another.

The discussion goes into learning how to become a father and the lessons learned as well growing up without a father and how that affects young men growing up into adulthood. and covers many more topics.


Growing up without my father in my life, I know first hand the struggles and neglect it can cause kids,” says Levar Robinson, Founder and President of Fathers on a Mission (FOAM). This direct experience is what propelled him to start the organization, as a way to impact fathers within our community. FOAM was created as a result of the lack of resources available to fathers and those who serve as father figures, for those who do not have a dad there to call on, and for those who have to learn how to be a good father on their own. These experiences profoundly impacted his life and he’s now making changes for others.

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