Rock It Right Radio 6-29-20

Today’s guests on Rock It Right Radio include Ray Scriber, Executive Director of Louisiana Main Street Program, LA Historic Preservation under Lt. Governor’s Office of Cultural Development. How is this program helping Louisiana’s “Main Streets” during these hard times?  Then…it’s summer time and you know that means protecting your skin from the damages of the sun!  We talk with Dr. Jingya Yang, radiation oncologist, with Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center about what you can do to protect yourself this summer and reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.  To close the show, our friend, Chris Maxwell, owner of Red Dragon Listening Room joins us to answer your question?  When will you be able to go to your favorite venue to listen to live music?  The challenges to these venue owners…not just with the phases “permissions” to open, but the challenges that some of the “other” guidelines to those owners that YOU probably don’t even know about that will make it hard for them to open EVEN when we hit phases where live music would be approved.  And, be sure you heard our announcement on the show today about our EXPANSION into TV starting next week as our show “explodes” on the 4th of July!  We are taking off like a rocket!