Community Concerns 6-14-20

On Community Concerns, host Brian Haldane discusses topics concerning to the Baton Rouge area.

On this episode, he starts off with State Superintendant of Education Dr. Cade Brumley to talk about the current state of the education system in Louisiana.  Brumley starts off by discussing his time in office and how well he is adjusting to his new position.  Then, he talks about some of the most pressing issues in the education system and he breaks down his plan for how he will improves Louisiana’s education system.

Next, Johnnay Benjamin with Our Lady of the Lake joined us for today’s Medical Monday to talk about the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center’s Prevention On The Go program, which allows people to to receive cancer screenings at no cost at mobile screening centers.  Johnnay breaks down where the mobile centers are and how the Coronavirus pandemic has prevented a lot of people to receive necessary screenings and why Our Lady of the Lake decided that it was so important to provide screenings to people in need.  Then, she explains what age you should get screened for certain types of cancers. 

Then, he played back Governor John Bel Edwards’ press conference as he continues to talk about Coronavirus cases throughout the state.

Finally, Corporal Sam Stafford and Sergeant Don Coppola were in studio to discuss fraud.  Stafford talks about the different types of fraud and how the stay-at-home order due to the Coronavirus.  He explains how these fraud risks work and what folks should be on the lookout for.