Community Concerns 6-8-20

On Community Concerns, Brian Haldane talks about topics concerning to the Baton Rouge area.

First up, he played back audio from Governor John Bel Edwards’ press conference regarding Tropical Storm Cristobal.  

Next, Chip Kline from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority joined Brian to talk about Louisiana’s coast.  A report came out that if nothing is done, Louisiana will lose its coastline.  Chip breaks down what the Restoration Authority is doing to help rebuild the coastline and prevent further damage.  He talks about a variety of projects that are underway and in the works for the future.  Then, Chip discusses how Covid-19 has affected their progress and work on the coastline.  Finally, he discusses how the CPRA is receiving funding for multiple projects and where future money will come from.

Then, Dr. Kelly Finan with Our Lady Of The Lake joined the show to discuss which types of surgeries are being allowed now that phase 2 is on the horizon.  Dr. Finan says that the most serious and time sensitive surgeries such as cancer operations are being performed, and elective surgeries such as cosmetic procedures are being delayed.  Then, she talks about the safety precautions that are being taken, including checking a patient once they get to the hospital and asking them to quarantine for two weeks leading up to the procedure.  Dr. Finan explains what would happen if a patient is covid positive but needs a time sensitive surgery, she says that it would be up to the surgeon as to whether or not the operation will be performed.  Finally, she breaks down the difference between the Covid and non-Covid section of the hospital and the Our Lady of the Lake visitors policy.

Also, East Baton Rouge Coroner Dr. Beau Clark joined Brian to talk about the alarming number of opioid deaths which is already approaching last year’s record.  We are only half way through 2020 and we have 104 opioid related deaths in East Baton Rouge, EBR had 124 for the entire year in 2019.  Dr. Clark explains why the deaths are so high and relates it to the Coronavirus shutdown because a lot of people are not taking drug screenings for work while the stay-at-home order was in effect.  He also talks about what drugs are being abused the most and what can be done to lower the amount of opioid related deaths.

Finally, Sergeant Don Coppola with BRPD joined the show and he started off by discussed the protests in Baton Rouge following the death of George Floyd.  These protests have been largely peaceful and Don commends the protesters and explains how BRPD wants the protests to remain peaceful and how the department is working with these demonstrators to help them safely exercise their first amendment rights.  Then, Don gets into cop mode and breaks down a few fugitives that are wanted by BRPD, including Dalayvian Rudison, who is wanted for attempted murder after shooting some during a dispute, and Donald Robinson, who is wanted on the charges of domestic battery and simple burglary.  He was trying to get things out of a female acquaintances house and she did not want to let him in.  Once he got in, he punched her in the stomach knowing she was 8 months pregnant.  If you have any information on wanted fugitives, call Crimestoppers at 344-STOP.