Community Concerns 5-17-20

On Community Concerns, Brian talks to people who are dealing with issues important to the Baton Rouge community.

First up, Dr. Catherine O’Neal was on the show to talk about the Louisiana Stay Safe Toolbox.  This tool box provides information about how people can stay safe.  Dr. O’Neal breaks down the most important precautions to take once the economy re-opens, and she educates us on when the most appropriate times to wear masks and how often it should be done.  She says that the purpose of this tool kit is to make people feel safe and informed once they go back to work.  Finally, Dr. O’Neal previews certain treatment options, including plasma donations and the possibility of UV light treatment. 

Staying in the medical field, next up Dr. Elizabeth Sutton was on the show to talk about the impact that Covid-19 can have on pregnant women.  Dr. Sutton says that studies show that anxiety and stress within pregnant women can cause complications during the pregnancy and can also affect the child’s ability to grow and develop.  About a month ago, the cause of death for an infant was ruled Coronavirus due to the fact that the child’s mother was infected with the virus, so it’s important to determine how healthy these women are.  Woman’s Hospital has set up a survey for pregnant women to take to determine the steps they are taking to stay healthy and deal with the mental stress of this pandemic.  The initial survey takes about 20 minutes, then after that, a 10 minute weekly survey is sent out through the duration of the pregnancy.  To sign up for the survey, visit

Then, Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette was on the show to talk about the low oil prices.  Dan says that he expects oil prices to gradually rise for the remainder of the year, but folks will still be able to take advantage of low oil prices for the next year or so.  Then, he breaks down what his office is working on to increase oil production and how much oil production will rise in the future.  Dan also discusses the oil reserves and explains how much is available.  He says that they are adding are 300,000 barrels of oil per day to the reserves.  Finally, Dan talks about the cyber hacking attempts at the Department of Energy.

Finally, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul joined Brian to talk about the beginning of phase 1 of re-opening and what it means for his department.  Chief Paul says that there will be more traffic on the road now that more people will head back to work, which gives his officers more to watch out for.  He also talks about businesses that will be allowed to open at 25% capacity and how important communication between BRPD and those businesses are, but he explains that most businesses have followed the rules so far.  Then, Chief Paul discusses the adminstrative positions at BRPD that will return to work and he breaks down the decrease in 911 calls that they have received during the stay-at-home order.  Though there’s been a decrease in calls, domestic violence incidents have seen a spike, Chief Paul explains why.  Finally, the Chief previews the memorial ceremony that will take place this weekend, which honors law enforcement officers such as Lt. Glenn Hutto who have lost their lives in the line of duty.