Community Concerns 4-27-20

On Community Concerns, Brian Haldane talks about Coronavirus topics concerning to residents in the area.

First up, Dr. Ursula White from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center joined the show to talk about obesity and why it is so dangerous during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Medical professionals have determined that having pre-existing health conditions makes you more at risk for Covid-19, well Dr. White says that obesity is the source for a lot of other health conditions.  Dr. White explains her study that breaks down sudden or temporary weight gain and its impact on the human body.  With gyms not being open and a lot of people stuck at home, Dr. White emphasizes the importance of people staying in shape during the stay-at-home order.

Then, Ava Dejoie with the Louisiana Workforce Commission was on the show to talk about the large number of unemployment claims.  Ava says that this is the highest that unemployment has been in Louisiana in quite some time.  Then, Ava breaks down the amount of money that the state has paid so far to those who have filed for unemployment and the requirements to file and receive the unemployment money.

Next up, Adam Knapp from the Baton Rouge Area Chamber was on the show to discuss BRAC’s efforts to help with economic recovery and he breaks down the framework for re-opening the economy.  Adam says a 15 page document for the framework will be released later this week to help people along the way so that they can better understand some of the guidelines for re-opening their business.  Then, Adam talks about how the Governor has worked with different organizations and asked for their input to add certain guidelines to re-open.  Knapp also breaks down the Federal Provisions Document that is available on their website and he also explains main street lending along with the PPP.

Kathleen Jaeger, the Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Care and Patient Advocacy of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores joined Brian to talk about pharmacies testing for Covid-19.  Kathleen says that Pharmacists are considered frontline workers and she believes that rapid testing will actually increase at pharmacies across the country.  Kathleen breaks down the training that the pharmacists have received and says that it’s not much different than their normal training.  Then, she discusses which pharmacies will test for Covid-19, saying that in addition to the national chains, some local pharmacies might administer tests as well. 

Finally, Brian was joined by Dr. Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, to talk about the President’s task force and how they plan on dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.  Then, Dr. Carson explains HUD’s role in the task force and what his office is working on, including making sure homelessness and evictions do not rise during this pandemic and how to help people with keeping their homes and giving them peace of mind.  Then, Carson put his doctor hat on and said that his biggest concern of about re-opening the economy is that once the stay-at-home order is lifted, people will go back to normal all at once, Dr. Carson says that a gradual re-opening is the safer way to get back to work.  Finally, Dr. Carson breaks down his office’s new guidelines regarding SBA loans and the duplication of benefits.