Sugarfield Spirits Is Making Hand Sanitizer

Andrew Soltau with Sugarfield Spirits distillery joined Brian to talk about the company making had sanitizer in addition to alcohol during this time.  Andrew says that they got a call from the White House saying that any way Sugarfield can help out would be greatly appreciated.  He breaks down the process of making hand sanitizer and says that it’s not much different from their normal process of making alcohol.  This hand sanitizer is free for anyone who comes by with their own bottle because Sugarfield is part of the community and wants citizens to have easy access to sanitizer.  Then, Andrew describes the alcohol business and how they focus on locally sourced products and he previews some of Sugarfield’s upcoming products.  To check out Sugarfield Spirits, they are located in Gonzales, LA, visit them on Facebook, or check out their website at