Community Concerns 4-12-20

On this episode of Community Concerns, Brian talks with guests about issues related to the Coronavirus.

First up, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon was on the show to talk about emergency rules.  He says that these emergency rules prevents people from having their insurance cancelled due to lack of payments for up to 60 days.  Donelon also discusses the telemedicine rule, where people can talk with their doctor over the internet to determine whether or not further treatment is required.  Typically insurance has limitations on telemedicine but for the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak, not only have the limitations been suspended, but advancements in telemedicine are being made.

Next, Admiral Brett Giroir joined Brian to talk about possible treatments of Coronavirus and how to reduce the spread of it.  Giroir says that social distancing is working but he explains that individuals need to understand that evening though they are feeling well, they can still spread the virus.  Then, Admiral Giroir discusses how hydroxychloroquine is being used as a possible health remedy to combat the Coronavirus.  He also breaks down how well President Trump’s team is working together to come up with solutions to the outbreak.  Finally, the admiral talks about the increase in Covid-19 testing and how Louisiana is handling the stay-at-home early.

Then, Our Lady of the Lake Oncologist Dr. Suchit Patel joined the show to talk about how the cancer center is treating patients during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Dr. Patel says that visitors and guests are not allowed in the facility unless it is an extreme circumstance in order to limit the number of people inside the building.  Also, anyone who enters the center will have their temperature checked, as well as getting checked for a cough and shortness of breath.  Dr. Patel explains the difficulties that the cancer center is facing when it comes to tending to the patients during this time. 

Finally, Donnie Wilkinson is the pastor of the Broadmoor United Methodist Church experienced 2 different fires at his church and he joined the show to explain what happened.  Pastor Wilkinson says that the first building that caught fire was the boy scout building that was completely engulfed in flames, the boy scouts lost a lot of memorabilia in the fire.  Then, Pastor Wilkinson provides some details about the investigation, saying that police have ruled the fires as arson and that law enforcement already has a person of interests that is being detained.  He says that the church is allowing people to come view the sites to look back on the memories made in those buildings.  Finally, the pastor breaks down what the church community is doing in order to rebuild the buildings that were lost in the fire.