Community Concerns 4-5-20

On this edition of Community Concerns, Brian focuses on the Coronavirus outbreak.

First off, Brian provides an update on the latest Coronavirus numbers, including the number of deaths and a parish by parish breakdown.  

Then,  U.S. Attorney Brandon Fremin joined the show to discuss the hoarding and price gouging task force to crack down on companies that are hoarding products for the purposes of profitability or gouging price way over market value.  Brandon breaks down the task force explains how this task force will work and how much fraud they hope to prevent.  Then, Fremin talks about what types of penalties people will face if found guilty.  He also provides helpful information on how citizens can report fraud if they have witnessed it happening. 

Next, East Baton Rouge Coroner Dr. Beau Clark joined Brian to talk about the amount of Coronavirus-related deaths his office has received.  Dr. Clark explains what is considered a Coronavirus-related death, which is any cause of death where the person’s condition worsened due to the Coronavirus, or if Covid-19 killed them even though they had a pre-existing condition.  Then, Dr. Clark breaks down the number of deaths and whether or not the number will rise.  

Cheryl Michelet from BREC was on the show to discuss the closure of the Frenchtown Rd. Conservation area.  Cheryl says that the area is being temporarily closed due to the large number of people that were visiting the area over the weekend.  While a number of BREC park aspects remain open, she says that playgrounds, basketball courts, and areas that involve close contact will be closed.  Cheryl says that walking trails will remain open as long as the park-goers practice social distancing.  Then, she explains how BREC is going about enforcing the social distancing rules in the parks. 

Finally, Brian plays clips of Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s press conference on Friday as see discussed the Coronavirus.