Community Concerns 3-29-20

On this episode of Community Concerns, Brian focused on the Coronavirus.

First, he had soundbites from Governor John Bel Edwards and Mayor Sharon Weston Broome.  Brian’s first guest was the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci joined the show to discuss the Coronavirus.  Dr. Fauci explains what makes the Covid-19 virus so dangerous is that unlike the seasonal flu, it is a lot more contagious and it is 10 times more deadly than the regular flu virus.  Then, Dr. Fauci talks about the nation wide impact that this virus is having and when this virus is likely to finish running its course.  He also specifically focuses on Louisiana cases and he breaks down why the state is such a hot spot for the virus.  Finally, Dr. Fauci discusses advances in testing for the Coronavirus and how you can receive test results in about an hour now. 

Next, Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome had a press conference talking about the high risk of domestic violence during the stay-at-home order.  

Then, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was on the show today to talk about the latest developments in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Governor Edwards explains why he issued a stay-at-home order for the entire state and he breaks down the numbers for the most impacted areas of the state, like New Orleans.  Then, the Governor talks about his work with the federal government, which businesses are allowed to be open, and what’s next for Louisiana moving forward during the virus pandemic. 

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