Community Concerns 3-1-20

First up on this episode of Community Concerns, Brian plays back an interview where Haggai Davis and Dan Claitor talk to Bishop Duca about Ash Wednesday and lent.  The Bishop explains how both of these events started and why they are so important to the catholic church.

Then, Brian  was joined by Dr. Denzil Louis Moraes, who tells you how to get in ship shape after your weekend bender. He discuss the American Heart Association and the steps that they’ve taken in order to help people adjust to lent and how to remain healthy during the process.

Next, State Representative Ted James joined Brian to talk about all the bills that he will be bringing up at the next legislative session.  He explains that Most of his bills center around criminal justice reform.  James says that his bills have been well received by both parties and he expects a lot of them to pass.

Finally, Brian spoke to Officer Perry, the School Resources Officer at Mckinley High School, and Ruby, the student of the year were in studio.  Officer Perry starts things off by breaking down what a School Resources Officer does and what his day-to-day duties consists of.  Then, Ruby talks about what the students think of Officer Perry as the resource officer and how he always helps them if they need anything and makes sure every child experiences a safe learning environment.