Community Concerns 2-2-20

First up, Jerry Jones heads up the Baton Rouge North Economic Development committee and he joined Brian to talk about why the residents of Plank rd. are rejecting a new convenient store in the area.  North Baton Rouge says that another glorified liquor store is not good for the area.  Jones says that it’s not just about bringing business to the area, but what types of businesses are brought in.  Jerry explains that they want quality businesses to come into the area to set a standard in order to rebuild the area and make it nicer.

Next, Dr. Trey Dunbar and Dr. James Upp joined the show to talk about the adjustments being made since the opening of the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.  They explain the learning process and how important it is to have a world class pediatric care clinic right here in Baton Rouge!

Then, Officer Don Coppola was with Brian for a Crimestoppers segment where he talks about the importance of Crimestoppers when it comes to catching fugitives.  Don explains the importance of Crimestoppers and breaks down the amount of fugitives that were caught in 2019 thanks to the anonymous tips that were made on Crimestoppers.  Then, Officer Coppola discussed the Crimestoppers podcast on  He talks about recent episodes and what to expect in future episodes.

Keeping with the crime topic, Woody Overton and Jim Rathmann from the “Real Life Real Crime” podcast were in studio to talk about the incredibly successful podcast, that has reached 1.1 million downloads in only 11 months.  They explain why they decided to start a podcast, what type of topics they discuss on the podcast, and why they believe it has been so successful.

Finally, Dr. Kenny Cole from the American Heart Association to discuss heart disease among women.  He explains why women could be more prone to heart disease and what types of women are the most at risk for heart disease.