Community Concerns 1-26-20

On Community Concerns, Brian Haldane breaks down topics that are concerning to the Baton Rouge Community.

First up, Congressman Garret Graves joined Brian in D.C. to talk about D.C. Mardi Gras.  Congressman Graves talks about what his office does during D.C. Mardi Gras, including meetings with a lot of State officials.  He explains that he uses this event as a time to meet with a lot of lawmakers to try and put certain laws on the books and improve the state of Louisiana.

Next, Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser was with Brian in our nation’s capitol to talk about D.C. Mardi Gras and Louisiana Staycations.  Nungesser says this is a good time to visit with people from all over the state to get them involved in Louisiana staycation.  He breaks down all of the different historical sites and travel spots that folks looking to visit and explore the state should definitely go see.

Then, Jay Ducote visits with LSU interim President Tom Galligan Jr. Galligan talks about the challenges he has faced as LSU’s interim President and what he hopes to accomplish in this role.  Then, he talks about his experience with D.C. Mardi Gras.

Finally, Rock It Right Radio were joined by Dr. Sobia Ozair, an Oncologist with the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  Dr. Ozair discusses the importance of testing and early detection when it comes to Cervical Cancer.