Community Concerns 1-19-20

On Community Concerns, Brian breaks down topics concerning to residents of the greater Baton Rouge area.

First up, we have audio from John Bel Edwards being sworn in as Governor for his second term.  Brian breaks down the importance of being sworn into office and what this means for the state going forward.

Next, Chip Kline from the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority spoke with Brian about the Governor’s comments about restoration coastal wetlands at his inauguration.  Chip says that huge strides are being made towards coastal land loss.  Kline says that a number of projects will begin in 2020 to create more land for Louisiana’s coastline.  Chip talks about the importance of rebuilding the coastline and how these projects will actually help the state on a year by year basis rebuild more land then we lose.  Finally, he breaks down how much each project will cost and where the funding for these projects will come from.

Then, Attorney Franz Borghardt joined Brian to answer the question: “What makes a good judge?”  Franz breaks down why judges run as either a democrat or republican in order to get elected.  He says that judges should not have to run on party lines because when enforcing the law, a good judge should enforce them as they are written in black and white and not how their party and voters want them to enforce them.  Then, he and Brian dive into the incident that occurred when Superdome Security threatened to arrests some LSU players for smoking cigars in the locker room after their championship victory!

Chassidy Kent from Vitalant joined the show to discuss the huge need for new blood donors because the blood supply is extremely low.  Chassidy says that part of the dire need for blood is because of the extended flu season, that is preventing people from donating.  She explains how to become a blood donor and talks about the points system that you can be a part of by registering with Vitalant.

Finally, Dr. Andrew Parks from Our Lady of the Lake explains sports medicine.  He talks about the importance medical care for athlete’s and why he chose to get into the field and how this medical field is different from others.