Community Concerns 12-22-19

First on Community Concerns, Jason Rogers from The Heart and Vascular Institute joined Brian to talk about the new Neuro ICU that is being built.  He explains what amenities will be available at this ICU and what type of impact it will make.  He then discusses the Heart and Vascular Institute’s partnership with Our Lady of the Lake and how they are helping install a comprehensive stroke center inside of the Neuro center.

Pat Mashburn, the Author of “Just Breathe” spoke to Brian about the importance of suicide prevention.  He says that suicide impacts all age groups and ethnicities and is something that needs to stop.  He breaks down the warning signs of someone dealing with depression and how they should just breathe, instead of turning to suicide.  He also explains why Christmas time sees such a rise in suicide and he tells the Ed Orgeron story.

Next, Sergeant Don Coppola from BRPD was in studio to talk about the new Crimestoppers podcast on Podcast225.  Don was joined in studio by Baton Rouge Fire Chief Mark Miles to talk about some arson cases that have been solved and he provides some holiday fire safety tips.  Then Dr. Susan Thornton from I-Care talked about the upcoming prevention summit.

Finally, Filmmaker Matt Bell joined Brian to talk about the film industry in Louisiana.  He says that due to the scenery and culture, there is nothing you can’t do when filming in the state.  Matt then talks about the Christmas movies that he’s made for Lifetime as well as a new movie “Santa Jaws”.