Community Concerns 12-15-19

On Community Concerns, Brian Haldane discusses topics that are concerning to the Baton Rouge community.

First,  Anne DeWitt joins the show.  Anne is a Nurse Practitioner and HIV Screening Coordinator for Our Lady of the Lake and she says Baton Rouge is dropping in the HIV rankings.  Anne explains what HIV is, how it’s contracted, how to get screened for it, and certain symptoms that could be caused by HIV.  She also breaks down why Baton Rouge is dropping in the rankings and what the city is doing to make a positive impact in a fight against HIV.

Next, Phil Frost, the Director of the BREC Zoo joined Brian to talk about the Zoo Lights event.  This is the 1oth anniversary of Zoo Lights and Phil explains what guests should expect when attended Zoo Lights.  He also discusses what the Zoo will do in 2020 for the 5oth anniversary.

Then, Anna Betts talked to District Attorney Hillar Moore at the Opioid Crisis in Baton Rouge.  Moore says that this is a huge problem in the Baton Rouge area.  Hillar defines an opioid as an unnatural drug that has addictive properties in it.  He explains how easy someone can get addicted to opioids and how it covers all age range and ethnicities.

Finally, Dr. Susan Thornton and Cecile Washington from I-Care spoke with Brian about the prevention summit.  This summit is to educate teens on substance abuse and how to handle guns in schools.  They want to teach children how to alert someone if they see a gun on campus and how to stay safe.