Community Concerns 11-25-19

On this week’s Community Concerns, Brian talks about topics concerning to the area.

Veneeth Iyengar from the Mayor’s office joined Brian to recap the Veteran’s Day parade.  Veneeth says that the parade was a success overall but he wanted the crowd to be a little bigger.  He explains the reasoning for the small crowd and how he plans to start immediately planning for next year’s parade to make it bigger and better than this year’s.  Veneeth then talks about the disparity study that was recently done by the Mayor’s office that focused on local businesses owned by veteran’s, women, and minorities.

Next, Nicole Barnes from Our Lady of the Lake joined the show to talk about vaping.  Vaping is on the rise in Louisiana and the state recently experienced its second vape related death.  Nicole explains how to vape properly and why this is causing so many deaths.

Then, Architect Skipper Post and Mark Vincent from Rebel Graphics spoke to Brian about the new sculpture on the levee.  They said that the sculpture is a spin off of the Bean in Chicago.  They explain how this sculpture was made, what it stands for, and the importance of its location.

Finally, Kurt Monty from the St. George Fire Department talked about Thanksgiving safety.  Kurt says you should make sure your turkey is thawed because trying to cook a frozen turkey could cause and fire.  He says another important thing to remember is to keep your children and pets away from the cooking area to avoid a fire starting or avoid someone getting burned.  Monty also explains the importance of having a fire extinguisher nearby in case a fire breaks out and where the best place to keep it is.