Community Concerns 11-17-19

On this week’s Community Concerns, Brian speaks to a variety of guests to discuss issues and events that are important to the community.

First, Clay Young, Sid Newman, and Don Coppola joined Brian to talk about the launch of the new Crimestoppers podcast.  They break down what will be included in the podcast and why they decided to start it.  The podcast will include updates on current wanted fugitives and certain cold case files.  It will also include interviews with victims families and missing person’s reports.  This podcast is available at

Next, Dr. Emily Cassidy from Our Lady of the Lake joined the show to talk about lung cancer.  Dr. Cassidy is a thoracic surgeon and she explains the importance of early detection when it comes to lung cancer.  Dr. Cassidy says that lung cancer is the number 1 cancer killer in the U.S. as well as right here in the State of Louisiana.  About 80% of lung cancer patients have a history of smoking, however, 20% of the patients have never smoked.  Dr. Cassidy explains how to get screened and the best way to prevent lung cancer.

Then, Don Coppola and Kyle Callihan from BRPD talked with Brian about what their department is working on.  Officer Coppola provides information on a fugitive that is wanted for identity theft and fraud.  This woman stole another person’s credit card information and ran up over $2,000 in charges on the card.  then Officer Kyle Callihan talks about the BRPD softball game.  BRPD played the umpires in a softball game that will benefit the children of fallen officers.  Callihan discusses what help the children will be given and how the event got started.

Finally, Betsy Barnes interviewed Country Roads magazine on Rock It Right Radio to discuss fun things to do in the area.  They talk about the “Country Roads Supper Club” to get folks to expand their appetites and get them out of the same ole routine.