Rock It Right Radio for November 16, 2019

This week…
Betsy uncovers secrets to having a fun and successful wedding or other event. Her guest is Allie Wester, of Weddings by Allie. 
James Fox-Smith, with Country Roads Magazine, discusses some very cool upcoming Supper Club events and more
(pictured L-R: producer Kevin Gallagher, Betsy, James Fox-Smith)
In the Health Segment (brought to you by MARY BIRD PERKINS OUR LADY OF THE LAKE CANCER CENTER) thoracic surgeon Dr. Emily Cassidy talks about lung cancer surgery and the latest advances in robotic chest surgery.
A visit with political commentator & influencer Scott McKay ( on his first novel, “Animus: a Tale of Ardenia” a slam-bang adventure tale with lots of political intrigue.