Community Concerns 10-27-19

On the Community Concerns podcast, Brian talks about topics important to the community.

The first guest was Baton Rouge mayor Sharon Weston Broome about job growth in Baton Rouge.  A recent report shows jobs in the Houma and Thibodeaux area are decreasing but Baton rouge jobs are steadily growing.  Mayor Broome says that Baton Rouge gained over 2,800 jobs in the past year.  She explains why jobs are growing and what she plans to do to make sure jobs continue to increase.

Brian spoke to the DEA about drug take back day.  They discuss why drug take back day is so important and what types of prescription drugs can be dropped off and where in the Baton Rouge area are designated drop off areas and when it will take place.

Then, Dr. Brett Hutchinson joined Brian to talk about Halloween related injuries.  Dr. Hutchinson says that pedestrian injuries are the most common meaning a lot of kids are running and may fall down and hurt themselves, and watching out for cars is essential.  He also explains how to check your child’s candy if they have a food allergy to avoid a reaction and how to protect your child from a sickness from other children as well.

Finally, Jeb Bison from the Department of Homeland Security was in studio to talk about intellectual property theft.  He says that intellectual property theft is anything that a person has patented or owns has been stolen or counterfitted.  He explains the proper steps that need to be taken in order for people to protect themselves against intellectual property fraud as consumers because you could be getting ripped off be counterfit items.