Community Concerns 10-20-19

The first guest on this episode of Community Concerns is Chairman Cliff Barton to talk about the annual Greater Baton Rouge State Fair.  Cliff talks about what to expect from the State Fair this year.  He says that all the food you know and love will be there in addition to some European Cuisine and “shark on a stick.”  He also talks about some of the new rides and attractions that will be there this year.

Next, Dr. Mary Ghere and Dr. Catherine Baucom are plastic surgeons and the spoke to Brian about Breast Reconstruction Day.  They explain the importance of breast reconstruction and how when some women lose their breasts due to cancer, they feel insecure and have trauma because a part of them has been taken away.  They break down the reconstruction process and how long the recovery from the surgery is.

Then, Dr. Michelle Flechas from Our Lady of the Lake joined Brian to talk about the flu.  There have been several reported cases of flu in the Baton Rouge area and Dr. Flechas says that although early, the flu can appear this time of year.  Dr. Flechas explains the symptoms of the flu and when someone should get their flu shot.

Dr. Gerard Melancon from BRCC and Stephanie Cargile from Exxon were with Brian to talk about the North Baton Rouge Industrial Training Initiative.  They explain that BRCC has partnered with Exxon to form training programs at BRCC to help residents in the area that can’t afford education an opportunity to receive industrial training and certifications to help them find jobs.

Finally, Kurt Monty from the Baton Rouge Fire Department was on the show to talk about trick-or-trick safety tips.  He says that children need bright colored costumes, and stay away from long costumes that your child can trip over.  Monty says that parents need to be cautious and keep their children out of the road as much as possible.  Then, he explains that your halloween decorations need to be kept away from heat sources to avoid house fires.