Community Concerns 10-6-19

On this week’s Community Concerns, Brian talks about a variety of issues that are concerning to residents in the area.

Pollster John Couvillon talked about the record number of early voters and what that means for election day.  He explains why so many people early voted and how it impacts elections and campaigning.

Then, Laurie Schulenberg from Our Lady of the Lake joined Brian to talk about the recent opening of the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s hospital.  She explains how many kids are currently in the hospital and the certain facilities that are in the hospital.

BRPD were in studio to talk to Brian about the large number of pedestrians that have been hit by cars recently.  They explain why this sudden rise in pedestrian car accidents isn’t as high as you may think.  They then discuss the most likely areas where people are hit by cars and explain what can be done to prevent these accidents.

Finally, Congressman Ralph Abraham was with Brian to talk about the impeachment inquiry for President Trump.