Hayride Radio 10-25-19

On this Hayride Radio, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk about the runoffs that are occurring for the state elections.  Obviously they start with the Governor’s race, Scott talks about a poll showing Governor John Bel Edwards and challenger Eddie Rispone are tied at 47% right now, Scott says that the more Ralph Abraham campaigns for Rispone, the more of his votes Rispone will receive.  After being eliminated, Abraham endorsed Eddie Rispone, urging his supporters to vote for Rispone in the runoff.  McKay believes that if Abraham continues to support Rispone, it could give him an advantage in the runoff.  Then, Scott and Brian discuss the senate race between Beverly Brooks-Thompson and Franklin Foil.  Foil made the runoff by only 4 votes but it is a republican heavy district and with Foil being a republican and possibly receiving Steve Carter’s votes as well, Scott gives Foil the advantage.