Community Concerns 9-29-19

On this Community Concerns, Brian spoke to a variety of guests that deal with things concerning to the Baton Rouge area.

Dr. Loren Scott is an Economics Professor at LSU and he joined Brian to talk about Louisiana’s economic outlook.  According to Scott’s outlook, Louisiana is looking to add over 53,000 jobs between 2020 and 2021.  Dr. Scott talks about the process of putting together an economic outlook plan and where he thinks our state is heading.  He says that though we are closer to the bottom currently, he actually expects Louisiana’s economy to be on the rise in the coming years.  Scott explains why he believes the state economy will improve and what type of jobs will be added as a result of the improvement.

Senior Director of Our Lady of the Lake Danny Fields joined Brian to talk about the opening of the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.  Danny was a big part of helping this hospital open and he detailed the process of opening a new hospital and where the funding for it came from.  Then, Danny breaks down what facilities this new children’s hospital will contain and how it will not only help children in need, but the state economy as well.

Sticking with the Children’s Hospital theme, the next guest was Mark Hall who is part of the Our Lady of the Lake Transport Team, he provides an update on how children will be transported to the new hospital and how long of a process that it is.  He says that after all the children are transported, the hospital will open shortly after.

Next, Brian visited with BRPD and the State Police along with their new K-9 Maggie.  Maggie is not a typical drug dog, she is trained to sniff out certain chemicals found in electronic devices in order to find cell phones that may have been left at certain crime scenes.  The officers explain how vital Maggie will be during specific cases and how she is 1 of only 13 dogs in the country that are trained to smell these certain chemicals.