Community Concerns 9-22-19

For this edition of Community Concerns, Brian talks to a variety of guests where they discuss things concerning to citizens.

The Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is set to open in October and Brian was joined by Mark Hall from the Our Lady of the Lake transport team to talk about the new hospital.  The transport team consists of a group of nurses and respiratory therapists in charge of getting children to a hospital with proper resources if the one they’re at does not have the ability to properly care for them.  He talks about how our Lady of the Lake will have state of the art resources and explains what features the hospital will include.

Toni Bankston from the Baton Rouge Children’s Advocate was with Brian to talk about a Children’s Advocacy event that will take place this week.  She explains the variety of guests that will be there and their focus on topics such as trauma.  Then, Toni discusses what her group has been able to accomplish and her excitement for this event.

Congressman Garret Graves was on the show and spoke with Brian about what his office is working on.  Graves explains his fight for domestic energy production.  He says that foreign energy causes more pollution because of the time it takes to transport it here.  He explains the importance of energy production in the U.S. and what it would mean for our economy.

Brandon Fremin is a U.S. Attorney and he joined Brian in studio to talk about the National Disaster Fraud Center.  This center helps folks avoid falling victim to fraude during natural disasters.  During natural disasters people typically get involved with contractors and insurance companies which puts them at a higher risk of fraud.  Fremin explains how this program works and how many people it has helped so far.

Finally, the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy Dan Brouillette was with Brian to talk about the drone attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil field.  He explains what this attack will mean for our oil prices.