No Dome for Select School championships

Mercedes Benz Superdome

Louisiana’s private high schools will not host their football championships in the Superdome this season as a result of their organizational split from public schools earlier this year.

CEO of the Louisiana Select Association JP Kelly, the umbrella organization for private schools, says 54 percent of schools voted to not host football championships at the Dome.

“Anyone who is familiar with the situation would have understood that to get 100 percent of any division to go back to the Dome was almost impossible,” said Kelly.

In January Louisiana High School Athletic Association schools voted to allow “Select” schools to host their own championship games in basketball, football, baseball, and softball.

That’s likely disappointing news for many kids from select schools who’ve dreamed of playing on the same field as the Saints. Kelly says they did what they could to make all parties involved satisfied.

“We tried to work, we tried to say hey we could find a solution to this, but it really was not entertained,” said Kelly. “So we’re moving forward with it.”

With the Superdome off the table, Kelly says they’ve got a few options they’re negotiating that he thinks will provide top-level venues.

“There are three universities that are really excited to try to help us host those events,” said Kelly. “One is Tulane, one is Southeastern Louisiana University, and the other is the University of Louisiana Lafayette.”

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