Community Concerns 9-8-19

On this week’s Community Concerns, Brian overs a variety of topics that are concerning to residents in the area.

First, Brian plays audio from Tim Johnson and Senator Bill Cassidy talking about the political climate in Washington D.C. Cassidy says that although there is tension between the two parties in D.C., there is a lot of things behind the scenes that have gotten done, including the nationwide opioid crisis and funding for flood mitigation in Louisiana.

Next, Chris Freeman from Fiat Chrysler Auto joined Brian to talk about the national airbag recall.  Chris explains that there are millions of faulty airbags nationwide including over 120,000 in Louisiana and an estimated 30,000 in the Baton Rouge area.  He discusses the importance of replacing your airbag and which model vehicles are in the most need of an airbag recall.

Then, Sergeants Rendi Richard and Kyle Callahan from BRPD to talk about PTSD and suicide prevention when it comes to first responders.  First responders witness a lot of horrific things and are put in a lot of stressful situations and a lot of this could lead to lasting effects.  They talk about programs in place to help law enforcement officers cope with their stressful environment to help with PTSD and prevent officer suicides.

I-Care has teamed up with the Transportation Department to make sure students are safe when they get on and off the bus, as well as their safety while waiting for the bus.  They tell Brian about the new rules and regulations including training for bus drivers as well as vehicle inspections.

Finally, Darrell Orso from Boy Scout Troop 888 to talk about the 9/11 rememberance and flag retirement ceremony.  This will take place on the evening before 9/11 in order to educate his troop on the importance of 9/11.  Darrell says that most of his scouts were not born when the terrorist attacks happen so this event will help educate them on that moment in history.