Community Concerns 9-1-19

The first guests on this week’s Community Concerns were Sergeant’s Rendi Richard and Kyle Callahan from BRPD.  They joined Brian to talk about mental health, PTSD, and suicide prevention when it comes to police officers.  Police officers experience traumatic things while on the job and it can have lasting effects on them.  They explain the importance of helping the officers cope in hopes of preventing PTSD and suicide.

A study from LSU came out saying that some of the Mississippi Rivers fresh water diversions are actually doing more harm than good when it comes to coastal restoration.  Chip Kline, head of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority was on the show to tell Brian that the study was completely false and biased, he says that there were many errors in the study and he explains all the good that the diversions are doing.

Football season is here which means that a lot of rowdy folks will be screaming their heads off at the games.  Brian was joined by Dr. Lacey Adkins to talk about how to protect your voice.  She explains the importance of not straining your vocal cords and what problems could occur as a result of it.  She also gives advice on how to speak in order to maximize your volume without damaging your vocal chords.

Finally, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon joined Brian to talk about what State Farm did during Hurricane Barry and why it was not correct.  He explains their mistakes when it comes to claims made by homeowners that had flood damage and what the long-term consequences will be.