Community Concerns 8-25-19

The first guests for this Community Concerns was Les Crooks From the River Center and Paul Arrigo from VisitBR.  They joined Brian to talk about a new exhibit that will be coming to the River Center in April of 2020.  The exhibit is titled “Michaelangelo: A Different View”, which consists of frescos from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that will be placed on the floor at the River Center, giving you a “different view”.  They explain to Brian how this exhibit was created and how long the exhibit will be here.

The next guest was Dr. William Bodefeld to talk about TAVR which is Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.  D. Bodefeld says that this is an easier procedure for those who need a heart valve replacement and he says this new technology allows a lot of people who are too frail for an operation and that this is not a major procedure.  He explains the procedure and what the recovery time for this procedure.

Director of Media Relations  for LSU Ernie Ballard joined Brian to talk about the reported armed intruder that was reported at LSU a few weeks back.  There was a reported armed intruder inside Coates hall on the LSU campus after someone called in a threat of someone with a holstered gun.  It turns out that the armed intruder was actually a plain clothed off-duty cop who was in the building for a law enforcement program.  Ballard explains to Brian how the building was secured and what steps were taken during this event.

Brian was joined by the head of BREC, Corey Wilson to talk about the big reveal  for BREC’s Greenwood Community Park and the Baton Rouge Zoo.  Wilson discusses what will occur at the zoo including when construction will begin, what new exhibits and features will be included in the new zoo and more.  He also explains how long planning took to determine what to include in the revamped zoo and when the zoo may be completely finished.

Finally, Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre was with Brian and talked about the NextDoor app, which allows neighborhoods to communicate to each other and law enforcement about anything suspicious in the area.  Sheriff Webre then discusses how his department not has a few vehicles with license plate readers on them.  These readers reading tons of license plates, if the car is stolen or the driver is wanted, it will send a ping to the officer.  Webre says that his department is constantly looking for ways to incorporate technology in order to improve policing.