ROCK IT RIGHT RADIO for August 31, 2019

This week…


Meet your State Librarian, Rebecca Hamilton. She talks about running the Louisiana State Library and all that entails. Plus the annual Louisiana Book Festival.
(pictured l – r: Betsy, Rebecca Hamilton. Dr. Kay, Delia Taylor)
Delia Taylor, veteran public relations consultant and Capital Region mover & shaker, talks about a life of philanthropic giving, working in P.R. and serving local political campaigns in an election year.
In the Health Segment (brought to you by MARY BIRD PERKINS OUR  LADY OF THE LAKE CANCER CENTER)…Dr. Suchet Patel, a radiation oncologist with MBPOLOL, talks about SBRT – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy – treatments to treat cancers in a very targeted, focused way; leading to healthier surrounding tissues and better outcomes.
IS vaping a serious risk, if YOUR teens are doing it? Dr. Hitesh Chheda shares the latest research. 
(pictured: Dr. Kay and Dr. Chheda)