Community Concerns 8-11-19

On this episode of Community Concerns, Brian discussed a variety of topics that are concerning the citizens of Baton Rouge.

The first guest was Dr. Jennifer Harris from Our Lady of the Lake who was on the show to talk about getting back on a sleep schedule for school.  School is starting back up for kids in the Baton Rouge area and Dr. Harris explains to Brian the importance of a sleep schedule.  She also talks about the importance of taking your child in for their yearly check-up exam, schools spread a lot of germs in school so its important to make sure your child is healthy when going back to school.  Dr. Harris breaks down all the different screenings that the physicians perform during the yearly exam.

Anyone who lives in Louisiana knows that we are notorious for our mosquitoes, it has been discovered that abandoned tires increase the number of mosquitoes in the area, Councilman Matt Watson spoke to Brian about this problem.  Watson says that in the outskirts of town, an abundance of tires are thrown in abandoned lots, those tires will hold water and due to their black color, the tire attracts heat which makes the water hot, and this is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  There is a grant for a tire shredder in Baton Rouge and Matt explains where the funding will come from and how long it would take to purchase one.

Betsy Barnes and Dr. Kay Solar from the Rock It Right Radio podcast were joined by Whitney Craig who is the director of Cancer Services.  Whitney explains that Cancer Services goal is to help improve the lives of those living with cancer.  She talks about what happens at Cancer Services and some new things that they are implementing.

Three years later there are still folks that have not completely recovered from the flood of 2016, Congressman Garret Graves talked to Brian about what is being done to help the people.  Graves tells Brain about his meeting with the Governor and the Mayor about improving some of the drainage issues in the Baton Rouge areas.  He also talks about the federal funding that has yet to be dispersed to flood victims and how the process needs to speed up.  Graves then explains what is being done to address flooding and how to prevent it in the future.

Finally, EBR Sheriff Sid Gautreaux joined Brian to talk about the reported shooting at the Walmart on Burbank.  A shooting was reported at Walmart but it turned out to be a verbal altercation where one man had a gun, the other was armed with a pair of scissors.  Sid explained how the building was secured and how well it was handled by citizens and law enforcement in the area.