ROCK IT RIGHT RADIO for August 24, 2019

This week…
Baker, LA Mayor Darnell Waites talks about The Canopy of Prayer initiative; an effort to bring the community together in faith. Plus…the Baker Buffalo Festival!
(Pictured: Dr Kay, Betsy, Mayor Waites)
Actor, Screen Actors Guild member and booster of the Louisiana film & TV industry Randall Gonzalez discusses the state of Louisiana’s film tax incentives program and competing with state like Georgia for productions.
In the Health Segment (sponsored by MARY BIRD PERKINS OUR LADY OF THE LAKE CANCER CENTER), spokesperson Johnnay Benjamin talks about the upcoming Citywide Men’s Health Day, coming up September 7th.
(Pictured: Johnnay Benjamin)
Also a chat with Matt Vondenstein with the Basin Music Hall in downtown BR, and Scott  Gaskin with Green Frog Music, who’ll be booking acts unto the new venue. Baton Rouge is fast becoming a great in-state destination for seeing live music.
(Pictured l, r: Betsy, Matt Vondenstein, Dr Kay, Scott Gaskin)