Community Concerns 7-28-19

For This weeks Community Concerns, Brian has multiple guests talking about different things going on in the Baton Rouge area.

The first guest was the head of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Dr. Shawn Wilson.  Dr. Wilson joined Brian to talk about the new flyover ramp that is planned for College Dr.  This flyover will directly connect I-10 and I-12 to College Dr.  Dr. Wilson says that this flyover is designed to minimize the merging of I-10 and I-12 which will hopefully improve traffic problems.  He discusses that Trust Dr. could possibly become the exit if you wanted to turn on Corporate.  The exit lane for College Dr. will be longer than its current state which will eliminate excess cars backing up to the interstate.  He explains how the construction team will be selected, when the process will begin and how long the construction will take.

Next, Billy Nungesser joined our own Gordy Rush to talk about potential changes to Louisiana’s state parks.  Nungesser tells Gordy that when he took office he was told to close 7 state parks.  He says that he is constantly fighting for our museums and state parks because he believes that they are an important part of our culture here in Louisiana.  Nungesser discusses with Gordy about how he could make State Park’s money makers so that they can keep them open and how he also wants to revamp the museum system.

SportsBR plays a big role in children’s sports in Baton Rouge, Patrick Coogan from SportsBR joined Ronnie Rantz on Sports Shorts to talk about how SportsBR affects the world of Harry Potter.  Quidditch, the sport from the Harry Potter series now has its own version at colleges nationwide.  Coogan tells Rantz all about the sport and why the popularity has grown so much that colleges decided to participate in it.

Councilwoman Donna Collins-Lewis joined Brian to talk about a meeting that took place to discuss proposed amendments to change the order of government in Baton Rouge. She explains what the proposed amendments are and she tells Brian about what these changes could mean for Baton Rouge.

Finally, Brian talks about the Comedy Improv 4.0 event.