A New Exhibit At The River Center

Paul Arrigo from Visit Baton Rouge and Les Crooks from The Raising Cane’s River Center talk about their partnership and the new attractions that are coming to the River Center.  Les Crooks tells Brian about a new exhibit that will be at the River Center called “Michaelangelo, A Different View.”  This exhibit contains frescos from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that will be placed on the floor so instead of looking up at it, you look down and can walk around them.  They are very pleased with the exhibit, with Crooks saying, “it’s a fantastic exhibit and we’re excited to have it.”  They talk about how this exhibit was created and who is behind the masterpiece.

Paul Arrigo from Visit Baton Rouge says that this exhibit is exclusive to Baton Rouge and that in the contract they signed a 300 mile rule within 90 days of the opening of it.  Since this is exclusive to Baton Rouge, Crooks talks about the amount of tax dollars that this exhibit will bring in.  Arrigo also explains how they plan to partner with different downtown restaurants to include them in ticket packages so that citizens can go to dinner, then come see the exhibit.

They then talk about the different events that are coming to the River Center including WWE Smackdown, Bob Segar, Lauren Daigle, and more!