Hayride Radio 8-16-19

On the last edition of Hayride Radio, Scott McKay was on the show to break down the candidates that qualified for the Governor’s race. This time around Scott joined Brian to break down the other races that will be voted on.

What is the latest on the Attorney General’s race?

Attorney General Jeff Landry is running for re-election but he will be challenged by Ike Jackson.  Jackson is a lesser known candidate who McKay says has no shot to win.  Scott explains how Jeff Landry can spend money and indirectly run against John Bel Edwards in his bid for re-election which could help one of the Republican candidates because Edwards might have to spend money to fire back at Landry.

Why are three Democrats running for Ag Commissioner?

Scott talks about how Mike Strain is running for re-election against three different democratic candidates.  McKay says that the Democrats would be better off only running one of these guys so that they are not battling each other for votes.

Who is running for State Treasurer?

Incumbent John Schroder is looking strong in his bid for re-election against Derrick Edwards and a lesser known female candidate, who are both democrats.

Scott McKay believes that this is not a particularly strong election cycle for the democratic party.