Community Concerns 6-30-19

On this edition of Community Concerns, Brian talks to Dr. David Moll about Cardiac stress tests.  They discuss what a Cardiac Stress Test is and the importance of them.  Dr. Moll also explains when someone should receive one of these stress test.   Brian then plays the audio from Rock It Right Radio when they spoke to Stephen Fullen about a variety of topics, including Archaeology, Hollywood south, and tourism in the state.  The next guest is Joey David, the Curator for the Capitol Park Museum and he joined Brian to talk about an exhibit that is leaving the museum in September.  The Capitol Park Museum is located across from the State Capitol and it always has four unique exhibits, two of the exhibits are permanent, the other two are rotating.  He explains which exhibit is rotating out and what will be taking its place.  Finally, Brian speaks to Ginger Gutner from the LSU vet school to talk about giving a turtle two wheels to replace its back legs.  Hear it here!