DRIVEN: Stories in Success. The “Candid Cajun” Billy Arcement rejoins Gordy Rush.

This week “The Candid Cajun”, Billy Arcement rejoins Gordy Rush to share his habit of trying to help people get better; become better leaders but at the same time better selves.

“It is never too late to make a right turn”, a statement that Billy Arcement shares constantly where he tries to explain that is never too late to get better. It is important to discover our purpose as a human being to know where to direct ourselves. According to Arcement, our purpose is normally directed and related to what makes us glad and the hunger that we have to do things. He helps us find what is our hunger that drives us every day.

This week, Arcement teaches us to find our purpose by determining where we are at right now, where we want to go and what is the gap in between to figure out the actions that will take us from point A to point B. Everything that exists in the world today, started once as a thought. He explains how we become what we think about so it is important to start building the right thoughts in our minds to develop the right actions.

Listen to the podcast here and learn how to find your purpose and align it with your thoughts and actions!


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