Driven: Stories in Success. Steve Van Remortel joins Gordy Rush.

Gordy was joined by Steve Van Remortel, an entrepreneur, strategist, author, and speaker driven by strategy and talent; he is the author of “Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream”.

He talks about emotional intelligence (EI) and how important it is to match it to our intelligence quotient (IQ) especially to become a great leader. He discusses some areas to improve in emotional intelligence such as self-awareness and self-regulation. It is nearly impossible to regulate your emotions if you are not aware of them. He talks about his experience with his children and wife before being aware of EI and IQ and how everything improved and benefited him after he became more self-aware. Every relationship got much better for Steve, not only at work but in every other area. Sometimes issues outside work affect work because we are not in an internal balance.

He provides techniques to manage his emotions and teaches us how we are in control of our own emotions and the outside shouldn’t alter them. “Always stay calm and be the best leader you can be every day”, says Steve.

Listen to the podcast and the great conversation with Steve Van Remortel to learn how to balance our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. A conversation that will change some of your perspectives and reactions to different moments and experiences.


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