DRIVEN: Stories in Success. Steve Erwin joins Gordy Rush.

Gordy joined was joined by Steve Erwin, President and CEO at Tiger Tactical Training Consulting. Steve has dedicated his whole career to the state, to servicing ambulance, emergency preparedness and now he owns his consulting firm.

Steve explains what drives him to help people the way he has done it since many years ago. For him it is a desire to serve and a desire to make sure that if there is a problem, that problem has a way to be fixed. From a clinical standpoint, he has a desire to see people walking out of the hospital in good or better conditions than the ones that they came in at first. Seeing people doing well is one of the best feelings he experiences. “It doesn’t get any better than that”, says Steve.

Discover how he started, and what was the path that he took since servicing ambulance that brought him to where he is today, owning his training consulting firm.

Listen to the podcast and Steve’s experiences of growth here!!


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