DRIVEN: Stories In Success. “The Candid Cajun”, Billy Arcement joins Gordy Rush.

Gordy Rush was joined by “the Candid Cajun”, Billy Arcement, a motivational speaker who started his journey of leadership since he held senior corporate management positions for three decades.

Arcement shares his story of how he started as a teacher and coach and then moved to a brand new chemical plant where he got promoted as a manager. He spent 28 years at chemical plant where he started as a quality manager, then switched to environmental and then to safety management where he created a global customer service that sent him to several places such as Colombia.

He wanted to become a speaker; he did it as a part-time job for almost 15 years while he was still working at the chemical plant. He gained so much wisdom from his corporate years and related them to leadership. He has always been driven to be successful and he discovered three powerful words for self-leadership: “I am responsible”. He explains his theory and talks about his book “Searching for Success”.

He believes that leadership is a privilege and an obligation and his life possess a long list of leadership accomplishments that he shares with us listeners. Leaders have to be truthful and honest and this is something that Billy Arcement empowers and shares.

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