Driven: Stories In Success. Pastor Hank Henagan joins Gordy Rush.

This time, Gordy Rush was joined by Pastor Hank Henagan from Bethany Church, where their mission is to bring all people into the life, family and purpose of God.

Hank is driven by making the life of others better and making people come together. He explains some of the programs that he runs such as church planting, discipleship, kingdom builders and more at Bethany Church to improve and support the life of other people. He makes sure that after every event or chat that people attend, they leave satisfied and ready to make changes and improve their lives. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”, mentioned Henagan. Giving to others and making other grows is something that motivates him every day.

Learn more from Pastor Hank Henagan love of life and intention to serve others. Hear it here!!

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