DRIVEN: Stories In Success. Flynn Foster joins Gordy Rush.

This week Gordy visits with Flynn Foster, president of Guaranty Media. Foster shares his story as to how he started his journey that got him to become the president of this company. His story began in 1926 when his grandfather started an insurance company. When he passed away Flynn’s father took over and they just sold the company about two years ago. This company gave Flynn the roots of the businessman that he is today. He shares his story of a family-based owned business, responsibilities, and agreements between him and his dad and he also shares his philosophy of clearing things out of the way and get the business going in the direction that is positive fun and a great place to work with a good impact in the community.

For Foster, communication is important when it comes to leadership and he is driven every day by touching base with the people who work here. He doesn’t only touch base with workers to know how the business is going but also to know how their personal lives and families are going. It is important to have a balance in our days and lives.Foster believes that some things take more time and more effort but they are definitely the ones that make the difference in the future. Foster has learned so much from his parents and he shares his beliefs and ideas here.

Find more about the amazing personality from Flynn Foster, and learn more leadership tips from him.

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