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Tony Cobb, a singer and songwriter, was born in Kentucky. In 2015, he moved to Louisiana, and  found his niche in the amazing and supportive songwriting community of Baton Rouge. Cobb met other songwriters in the area who are trying to grow their craft and their music; everyone backs up and encourages one another.

His love for country music comes from being a Kentucky native, and has helped him make South Louisiana his home. He finds passion in the lyrics and melodies from that genre. He writes his songs based on stories of a well lived life, he says a lot in only an average of three minutes. This is definitely a gift that not many songwriters possess and it has to be supported and shared. His songs will take you back to the times were things were much simpler and will bring you back old memories as well as smiles.

His new song, “Take a Ride” is a song that he started since he was younger to remind others that life is a journey versus a destination. He is about to release his first video which his friend Cody, who met through Instagram, offered help to take part of this journey and create a video for his song. Jordan Boudreaux, from Bou Boy’z Entertainment in Lake Charles, came to him to direct the video and get it up and ready to run. Nathan Edwards, a friend from Nashville, who is the head of the Grand Divisions Production Company, a Nashville-based film and commercial production company, put the last cut together for an incredible team effort to get this video ready to release.” A lot of hands touched the video to make sure it was the best we could possibly put out,” Cobb said of the process.

Cobb is having a premier party for his video on Friday June 28th in Beauregard Gallery, located on Europe Street, from 7  to 9 p.m. In the first hour, acoustic set will be played, and at 8pm, the video will be premiered. This event is opened to the public with a donation of 10$ “I would love new supporters, as you are trying to grow a brand it is always great to have people believe in what you are doing”, said Tony Cobb.

Listen to Take a Ride, here on 107.3!

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