Community Concerns 6-23-2019

Hear the Community Concerns for June 23rd here! Brian had multiple guests to discuss several topics of interest!

Our first guest was the Executive Director, Jessie Walls, along with his wife Misty, co-founder of the Louisiana Warriors Unleashed. This is a nonprofit organization where people can find companion canines to help all types of emotional and anxiety support needs. Jessie and Misty talk about an event on June 29th that they will have on Walk-On’s in Gonzalez to raise awareness of the emotional and anxiety issues that people can face. They will have different dogs and a wide variety of size and breeds as well as a trainer to show and explain what this type of help consist of.

For our second guest, Brian meets with Dr. Trey Dunbar, president from Our Lady of the Lake to talk about the new hospital built between Essen and Bluebonnet. The opening date is coming up in less than four months and they are looking up from 100-125 people to hire in the new hospital. This is a project that means a lot for everyone but especially for the children in Louisiana.

Brian also talks about the ship that hit the sunshine bridge which had to be closed for 2 hours and then reopened. On a different topic, Drago’s restaurant purchases building in Constitution Avenue and would expect to open this fall.

Brian was joined by his third guest speakers. Dr. Bernard Harris and Alyssa Carson from NASA. Dr. Harris is a former NASA astronaut who served on the first flight of the join U.S Russian space program and he talks about the process of getting into space and his experience. Alyssa Carson is an 18-year-old Baton Rouge who dedicates her life to research and study the space. Her goal and mission have been to be an astronaut and walk on Mars.

Our fourth guest is a technology expert, Chief Channel Development Officer and co-founder of VAR Staffing who discussed with Brian an important topic for all travelers to be aware of. This is about a term called “Juice Jacking”, which is a new type of cybercrime that involves kiosk charging stations with cords that can extract your data from your smartphone, tablet or other computer device e.