Ask the Governor 06-20-19

ask the governor

Governor John Bel Edwards completed another episode of “Ask the Governor. This call-in show is designed to give Louisianans direct access to the Governor. This show takes place on the third Wednesday of every month, though it fell on a Thursday this month,  but the change in date didn’t reduce the number of questions. Here are just some examples of the questions asked to the Governor that you will find in the audio.

3 weeks into Hurricane season, what are the conditions of the levee systems in Louisiana?

The Governor shows concern about the countdown for Hurricane season and asks all Louisiana citizens to pay attention to this topic and get a game plan especially from . It is the citizens’ responsibility to have a game plan for the first 72 hours after a hurricane hits. In regards of the levees he feels good with the system that they have right now, however he is concerned that all it takes one single strong enough hurricane to create some good damage. He reiterates that he feels good and prepared with the levees system in Louisiana.

What are ways to help seafood producers and the industry?

Governor Edwards sent a letter to the Secretary of Commerce asking him for an emergency declaration for fisheries in Louisiana. They are still collecting information to supplement the request that was made with additional data to make sure that everyone in the seafood industry is well enough informed.

What is the status in regards of the increase of minimum wage?

Minimum wage since 2009 has been $7.25. Louisiana is one of only a handful of states that does not have its own minimum wage and there has been a push from his office for a modest increase. In 2019 the Governor wanted the legislature to have the people vote in regards of having a change to a $9 minimum wage but it wasn’t accepted, in part because only constitutional amendments make it back to a vote of the people. As our neighbor, Arkansas is in its 3rd minimum wage increase since 2009 an that is something that we should do but an increase is upon approval

Is homeless population related to status of mental health care facilities, especially in New Orleans?

Governor is working in more investment in affordable housing in New Orleans since they recognize that it is a problem in the city and it is an important concern to be addressed. Homeless population is a problem that they want to improve as soon as possible.

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