Million dollars of cocaine found off the Louisiana coast

Over a million dollars worth of cocaine was found floating 50 miles off the Louisiana coast by a work boat that hauled it back into Port of Iberia and turned the contraband over to authorities.

Iberia Parish Sherriff’s spokesperson Major Wendall Raborn says the million-dollar buoy of blow was prepped and wrapped for a waterborne pickup that never came…

“Each bundle was about two and a half pounds, watertight, vacuum sealed, saran wrapped, and had a coating on them to protect them from the ocean.”

The total package weighed in at 75 pounds.

Raborn says they aren’t certain how the package got left stranded on the high seas, but it could have come from an aerial drop from the cartels that just didn’t find it’s mark.

“They are very willing to go to all efforts to get these illegal drugs into our country, and fortunately this is just one small drop of the trade that didn’t make it.”

Raborn says the ship captain made the right call immediately phoning in his find to the authorities. He says if you stumble upon a stash, phone it in ASAP…

“There are some honest people out there and we really rely on them in our business. They don’t want to get into a battle with some drug cartel or anybody trying to protect their drugs out there, just turn it in.”